About the team

Eddie J. Molina

Software Engineer graduted at Universidad de Las Americas, Puebla, México. Professor and Software developer at CRECTEALC (Centro de Estudios en Ciencia y Tecnología Espacial para América Latina y el Caribe), an United Nations office established at INAOE, Santa María Tonantzintla, Puebla.

As a side activity, me and other colleagues are interested in offering on-line support and counseling on divorce avoiding, fixing relationship breakups and issues arising from this problems like addictions and depression. Our on-line services are devoted mainly to depressed people trying to find on-line advice and resources to cope with their situation. We are people deeply concerned about constantly increasing divorce and suicide rates, mainly among teenage people. After a deep research we have discovered that the main reason and the basic origin of a high percentage of this problems are relationship instability, break ups and divorces, which not only produce elder people health and mental issues (among the two persons involved into breaking a relationship), but additionally depression and mental troubles among children and teenage people involved in the problem. In both sides there is a need of support and counseling to avoid the separation and to overcome the side effects.

We are trying to get a broader on-line reach for the help offered by specialized people like:

T Dub Jackson on fixing breaking up relations.

Gary Lewis, the Cannabis Coach, to help on marijuana addiction troubles.

Tibor Palatinus, as a hard drugs addiction recovery counselor.

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